J.amie A.nd M.y I.mperfect E.xistence

I am the resident shopaholic behind Shop in my wardrobe.

I live to shop. I live to travel. I live to love. OK, maybe a tad too much. I will have you know this. Retail therapy is not JUST retail therapy. It provides a much-needed motivation to get work done. It truly does.

Sometimes, the shopaholic in me goes berserk and buys more than enough during bargain-shopping. Thus, I decided to set up Shop in my wardrobe to benefit other bargainistas. Not only are there savings galore and fabulous finds to be discovered, I also have a Giveaway tab that showcases items I am giving away for free!

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About the girl named Jamie
I am not perfect.

I have always been a perfectionist. However, as life adds years (and hopefully more wisdom and knowledge) to my life, I realise that perfectionism is not easily attained. I have learnt to keep peace with the imperfections in my life. That is not to say that I have given up on my perfectionist ways. I still am a perfectionist, just that nowadays I know when to let it go and how to go off track at times to wander about the rarely trodden paths. Who knows, maybe someday I will discover my own little plot of Heaven on Earth.

Through this little blog of mine, I hope to share my life and put forth my unorthodox views and meandering thoughts to the world. Welcome to my blog and linger on to learn more about my lifestyle and my unique way of living.

Some things you might notice about me:
I have a slight perfectionist streak. I am trying to live as perfectly as I can in this imperfect world. I have my imperfections, but imperfections in the right person's eyes can be the right perfection.

I am a Domestic Goddess in the making. I am currently a member of the 5台自摸 Mahjong Clan and am still enrolled in the Shopaholics Anonymous program. Being diagnosed with the terminal stage of Wanderlust Syndrome, I love to shop, go for long massages, indulge in travelling (but of course), baking and cooking. Here's me in 140characters or less. High maintenance is my middle name and being a shopaholic, I tend to love to spend. I do try to save and all, but it's not easy for me, although I am accumulating wealth in my own way.

My interests are: eat, sleep, play and shop! I love to shop and I love to eat. I need my beauty sleep and if The Boyfriend does not treat me well, I get seriously pissed off. I have my own standards for the massive and puny issues in life and I have my tempers and moods. In general, I am a really nice person (I hope).

I blog as and when the mood or topic strikes me. To keep track with my imperfectionist exploits, please subscribe to my feed at Imperfectly Jamie and you can follow me on Twitter: @P_jamie!

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This freelance writer has been involved in a perpetual love affair with cooking, baking and travelling since forever. Struck with frequent pangs of wanderlust, she distracts herself with bouts of shopping, spa massages, trawling sales and dining on good food (not necessarily in this order). So, hit me with your emails and let the sparks fly!

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