Wish List

I have compiled a list of items and experiences that I would love to own or try. Anyone kind enough to grant me these wishes, I will be eternally grateful to you!

Please note that the items listed are not in any particular order but you are definitely welcome to gift me with the items, especially those that come with more luxurious price tags!

Wish List
  1. Truffle oil
  2. 2 tier (collapsible) stacking baking cooling rack
  3. Cupcakes (normal and mini sized) cum cakes stackable carrier
  4. Silk or Satin pillowcases
  5. A good camera, hopefully Canon
  6. Television for my room
  7. DVD Recorder
  8. Louis Vuitton tote

This page will be very useful for anyone who is looking for a gift for me! The page will be updated as my indulgent tendencies take over my daydreaming hours.