Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baking and Cupcakes

I had to bake 30 chocolate banana cupcakes for my cousin to bring to Kindergarten tomorrow for his last day of school and I have to say that I really do love baking.

Luscious ganache atop cupcake
I guess it's a combination of my love for good desserts and the satisfaction of being able to create lusciously rich desserts on my own. With some research online for good recipes and a few tweaks to personalize it to my liking, most of the time, I manage to bake some pretty lovely desserts.

So tempting
I have to admit that the cupcakes today look really gorgeous with the absolutely divine chocolate ganache frosting. But I will have to get the cable from The BoyFriend before I can transfer the pictures into my laptop and post them here.

Don't they look lovely?

All 30 of them look so good!
I hope cousin Zhi Ming and his classmates love them!

P/S: Cousin Wen Chi said she sneaked one out for herself and that it was very nice! Wahaha.

What activities do you love to do at home? 

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