Thursday, November 4, 2010

Switching things up a notch

Maybe it is my Virgo nature, but I have always been interested in switching things up after a while!

That might explain why I always get excited over new beginnings and opportunities. Whenever my birthdays or new year's eves are around the corner, I will get so excited over the start of a new beginning and make massive plans, both huge and teeny tiny, for fresh new starts.

The previous time I thoroughly cleaned up my room was during the Lunar New year this year. Prior to that, I think I cleaned it up pretty thoroughly during the end of last year too. I guess the last time the room got a fresh coat of paint was several years ago. I do intend to paint the room again but The BoyFriend (The BF) said it was still quite fresh and that it might be too much trouble and so, I was dissuaded from painting my room. Boo... I was hoping to paint it up in shades of fresh lilacs. OK, maybe I was also a little lazy over the prospects of having to paint the entire room just by the two of us.

So, the great news is that Daddy and Mummy are really going to get a contractor to install new windows for the entire house and I am so glad that they are finally agreeing to do it! One main peeve for my room is that I actually FORGOT the code of the combination lock for my room's window grill since secondary school and so the grilles can't be opened since then although the windows are still workable. So, the new windows will definitely make me happy, not to mention that I would love the new windows with frosted panes! Actually, I would love anything new.

Anyway, in order to facilitate the new windows' installation, the furniture in my room will need to be shifted and so, I went on to make a floor plan (with many tiring measurements) and made cut-outs of the various furniture in my room and guess what, we are re-thinking my room's layout! I have to admit that the floor plans and the cut-outs that I made are real cute! I am lemming to get some new furniture like huge drawers for my overflowing clothes and bookshelf divider for my stuffs but I guess the more practical (and cost-effective) way is to just rearrange the layout with existing furniture to ensure that I get more space in my room for whatever I do.

My room is practically my haven as I do everything in my room - eating, sleeping, slacking, slathering masks and creams, playing with the dog, watching TV, listening to music, slacking in bed with magazines and books, surfing the Net (though I also monopolise a small fold-out desk in the living room so that I can surf the Net and watch TV in the hall). It is where I can hide out from the rest of the world. I do hope that in the near future, I will be able to refresh the room with new furniture and what-nots... Or maybe I will finally be able to move out into my own place! Ah well, one can only dream...

That being said, I should do up a wish list of items I wish to get for myself! Even if I won't be able to get what I want, at the very least, I will get a sense of satisfaction after writing up a list of all the stuff that I would love to get!

P/S: I am also in the midst of clearing my stuff to make way for more new stuff and to get some cash for my loots so do head to Shop In My Wardrobe to help clear out my wardrobe and room! I have posted a Free Giveaway and there will be many more coming up! When I have the time, I will also do up posts of stuff that I will be clearing from my room for sale -- clothes, perfumes, skin care, cosmetics, body care, shoes, bags and accessories! Do support!

What have you done to get yourself out of a rut?

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