Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ever felt as if there's never enough time for everything that you wish to accomplish?

I keep having this feeling of inadequate time on Earth. It seems as if I have too many things on my plate, too much stuff I want to do, too many chores I have to finish. I have a gazillion things on my To Do List. No, not the one within my HD2 Tasks. The To Do List on the back of my mind.

The one that is constantly filling up with endless streams of all kinds of important, urgent, would-like-to-dos and someday-I-hope-to-achieve stuff. Throughout the entire day, some off-path thought will worm its way within my brain and I will mentally file it away deep into the confines of my brain for further reference. Somedays, I have the drive and motivation to try and achieve as many of the stuff as possible, hopefully in as varied a way as possible so that I can tackle different tasks and responsibilities.

Today, for example, I tackled quite a few tasks and I feel very accomplished. I woke up to pee too early in the morning and after that, I did not manage to fall back to sleep. So, here I am, awake at 8am in the morning, which is very unusual for my routine (as proven by the surprise in The Boyfriend's voice when I called him at 7+am). I managed to dig myself out of bed and make some sliced butter and kaya on toast with some Vietnam slow-dripped coffee. Definitely one of the perks of being awake so early. Having breakfast peacefully and in a relaxed atmosphere, without the need to rush anywhere else. Another perk of being up early is having more time to do stuff, rather than waking at 11am. By the time 12 noon rolls around, it would seem as if you have already accomplished a lot of things.

So, other than making breakfast, I also took time out to wash my laundry, hang them out in the sun to dry and vacuum my room. I should clear off space on the leather ottoman so that I can set my comforter on it when I am out. Why, you may ask?

Well, The Dog has this annoying and somewhat occasionally cute habit of jumping onto my bed and poking her nose under the comforter (which she really really loves) and bury herself deep within the comforter whenever I am not around. So, setting the comforter on the leather ottoman should discourage her from doing that, which means less work for me to do as I won't have to shake out the comforter several times a day and roll the lint-remover over it.

Other than my chores, I also managed to go collect some stuff (yay!), get my home stuff shopping done (shelf liner, etc) and buy lunch. Once home, I went to work preparing the groceries and sorting out stuff. I then managed to make 4 three mushroom, ricotta spinach with Gouda cheese puff pastry pies and store them in the freezer for future use, namely tomorrow as I have a strong hunch that The Boyfriend will definitely request to have them for snacks while citing hunger as the main reason. Then, I remembered to take in the laundry when the skies started turning gloomy and for once, my laundry was dry and totally not drenched at all.

I tried to go back to sleep during the storm but it was too noisy, what with the thunders and the pouring rain. I then woke up some time later to catch "Ai" while clearing my mails. By the time it was 8pm, I started getting hungry and heated up some CP Honey Wings to snack on. While munching on bread with Nutella, I had this intense craving for Pizza, which led to me googling for crust recipes and setting straight to work on making my pizza crust.

Fast forward to now, my pizza is ready and left out to cool, filling the entire house with the very delicious smells of flour, tomato and cheese. Oh gosh, it smells really divine. Can't wait to dig in soon.
So, what have you been craving for lately? Any interesting new foods to share?

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