Friday, January 28, 2011


I have always been excited for any end beginnings and more excited than so for Chinese New Years. Firstly, I get to wear new clothes and new everything. When I was young, it would meant that I will then get to finally wear my gold and jade (cringing inwards because of the bad combination) necklace, along with my gold bracelet. It is a once-a-year affair and I will only get to wear the gold jewelry for all of two days per year. I wonder where is my gold bracelet now?

One of the main perks of Chinese New Year is the fact that I get to wear new clothes and everything else for the days of New Year. For a shopaholic, that is very good news indeed. The joys of getting new clothes are much more so when I was young since I would get at least two whole new outfits and the new stuffs would be paid for by my parents. Then, it evolved to a stage whereby the parents would give me a specific amount of money and I would have to go shop for my outfits myself since our tastes can never seem to agree or meet. That was still okay as the only challenge was finding all the stuff within the budget provided.

As I grow older, the parents no longer care about having to get me new clothes because I shop so often. Nowadays, although I still insist on new everything for the new year, the new everything now have to coke out of the credit cards in my wallet and the money in my bank accounts. So, I guess new year outfits are now tinged with a sense of "How come I no longer get outfit allowances?"

Along with new everything, I also observe the tradition of spring-cleaning. Well, anything for a good decluttering session for a perfectionist right? So, I will clear the room of clutter and arrange my things nicely and organize my belongings neatly. Off comes the dust and the grime and I will spend time cleaning areas that seldom see the light of the day, such as the wardrobe interiors, all surfaces and the tops of cupboards, cabinets and bookcases. I hope that I can start the new year with a clean slate and a clean room. Actually, I would use any excuse to clean and spruce up my room. Typical Virgo, I know.

So, I have managed to paint my room a lovely shade of pink last November and wiped all the walls clean. Thus, this year, I won't have to scrub the walls again, maybe just some light dusting will do. The tops of shelves and cupboards have been vacuumed and wiped, along with the window frames, windows and mirrors. I shall continue with the wiping down of other surfaces such as my wardrobe and interiors of my bed's cupboards. As the lunar new year approaches, it signals the putting up of new bed sheets set and curtains. Ah! I can't wait to see how the room will be cleaned up. I shall post a picture, or maybe pictures, IF I succeed in this venture. Wish me luck in transforming the ultimate messy bedroom into a relaxing haven.
What are your rituals for Chinese New Year?

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