Monday, January 17, 2011

My Abujiu's 5th birthday celebration

Remembering that on this particular day past year (16 February), The Boyfriend and I were enjoying ourselves in Taiwan's Hualien county. Feeling guilty, we decided to make it a lovely birthday for her this year. We went to buy groceries and made her meat patties with spaghetti and pan fried potatoes. In our haste to serve it to her and her urgency to finish the lunch asap, we, sadly, did not manage to take any pictures of the delectable smelling lunch.

Oh wells. I did, however, find time to brew a very successful pot of old ginger tea, which closely resembles the thick brew we had enjoyed after our lovely massage session at the beach hut in Batam during my birthday last year.

We then started on the process of birthday cake making for my lovely princess. This year, it's OJ going bananas! The recipe comprises of eggs, plain unbleached flour, sesame powder, cereal, baking soda, baking powder, freshly squeezed juice, pear sauce, bananas (mashed and diced), butter and olive oil. The cupcakes turned out so moist and smelled divine!

The birthday pooch kept waltzing near the oven, trying to smell the air, and trying to make sure that my brother doesn't steal amy of her cakes! Even without any cheese frosting, The Dog already loves it and devoured one entire cupcake in one sitting. Then, when she went back to her princess bed to sleep, you can clearly see her huge belly bulging with food. Oh my greedy little doggie. I had to squeal. *She is so cute !*

We also took her for a very long walk down at the French School and the Tavistock Park where she had time to stroll and sniff and pee and pull at the leash and sit on the see saw in my lap. I hope she enjoyed herself. After lazing at the park, we strolled home through the rows of private houses and Dear Dear and I started discussing the houses and their decor. We talked about the exterior coatings, the landscaping, the colors and contrasts , the materials and appliances we want and I so desperately want our house so that I can finally move out on my own.

All in all, it was a really lovely day and I am sure my princess enjoyed herself as she plopped herself onto bed and slept through the night. Only in the morning did she jump into bed and snuggled under the covers with me. (I think maybe next year, I will throw a doggie birthday party and invite all the doggie owners I know to come let their pooches make friends and have fun together!) After that, we went for dinner at Chinatown with my entire family. I was craving for Bak Kut Teh but it was already sold out. Oh boos. I hate it when things that I am craving for becomes unavailable. I want it and I want it now! Such is the generation of instant gratification. Sad to say, I'm sure I am one of the many in this generation.

So, how was your weekend? Have you ever celebrated your pet's birthday?

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