Friday, January 14, 2011

Keeping to my resolutions

I have just finished removing my Beauty Diary's Bulgarian Rose mask after nourishing my skin with it for half an hour. Although it surprises me myself, I have to say that, since the beginning of this year, I have been pretty diligent in my skin care and uptake.

Not only have I been diligently doing masks every day, or every other day, while I'm at home watching my daily dose of television, I also remembered to put in sunscreen every single day! It is not just slapping on sunscreen on my face, it is remembering to not only smearing it onto my entire face, I also remembered to smooth it over my décolleté and both my arms and hands.

Lately, I have noticed that my arms are getting darker, plus my friend recently remarked that my freckles seem to be getting more obvious and that is NOT a good thing to hear. So, I am resolved to make my complexion ever fairer and luminous. (Do I sound like I'm in some kind of SK II commercial?)

Well, in any case, I'm just really proud of myself for staying committed to taking good care of my skin and I sure hope that my efforts do pay off and I will see much better skin all over in approximately less than a month.

As for the part whereby I'm trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle this year, there is not so much progress on that. Thus, I shall work harder on my resolutions and I do hope that this year, being the start of yet another exciting, unknown decade, I shall achieve some things great and make a success out of my life.

How have you been doing with your resolutions since the start of the year?

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