Thursday, January 13, 2011

Romantic gestures and unexpected surprises

In a bid to get myself to be more active on my blog, I shall attempt to blog more often, either on my phone or on my laptop (which is looking to die soon, it keeps giving me blue screens). Anyway, The Boyfriend sent me a message to say that he bought something for me to eat! My thoughts wandered from raspberries, korean strawberries, Provence's soy brazilian cheese bread, macha cheesecake to chocolate fondant.

It was actually honeyed macadamias. I was stunned, to say the least. Also, as my HTC HD2 suddenly develops some freezing and hanging problems, I decided to send it in for repairs before it's warranty is up. Since I do not have any spare phones, The Boyfriend unexpectedly decides to lend me his new Windows 7 phone for me to use while my HD2 is being sent for repairs. I do hope that HTC's courier will be here tomorrow to collect my HD2 and please quickly repair it and send it back to me ASAP! I really do love the fact that HTC has their own courier service to pick up our phones for repairs and then, to courier it back to my place after repairs. That, coupled with the fact that I really love the small innovations that HTC has thoughtfully included into their phones, and that their phones has really good features. I seriously do not know what to get once my contract is up. HOW?!

I love it when The Boyfriend presents me with small gifts and presents, especially when it is out of the blue and when he gets me stuff just-because. Of course, I love it when he gets me expensive presents and buys me stuff that I have been lemming for. But, occasionally, when he springs such stuff on me, I get a slight tug on my heart and I feel so loved.

Being an old couple already (we have been going out since 2003 *gasps*), it takes a lot of time, effort, brain cells and maintenance to maintain our relationship and keep the love going. Love is not an easy thing, especially so when I am The Girlfriend.

Some might not know it, but I have a lot of demands and I expect a lot from my guy. Thus, I have to say that he has really put in a lot of effort into our relationship. Even though there are a lot of times where I get pissed, severely disappointed, seriously mad, annoyed and irritated at him, there are also many occasions where we have such lovely and sweet, happy memories. I just hope that as the days go by, our love will grow stronger, our smiles will get sweeter and our relationship strengthened.

What are the romantic gestures that your significant other has done for you?

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