Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project 365

I am keeping in tandem with Project 365 and really pampered myself with my lovely shopping loots. I shall find time to upload the pictures onto my Facebook and Blog soon, I promise! On another issue, I must blog about my trips to Bangkok and Taiwan! Actually, The Boyfriend and I had this really sweet and cool idea of blogging and doing up an electronic scrapbook of our Taiwan, Japan and Thailand travels but I guess all that steam was lost in the daily grind of life and living. In any case, I shall attempt to blog more often, which explains why I'm using my phone to blog infrequently to update my blog via email. This year, I will commit fully to my Project 365. I will do up my life in the way I want to live and document it in my blog to reference my progress of living the life I want and keeping to my resolutions. I hope the year 2011 will be the best year yet.

Yesterday was a day of highs and lows. My lesson was postponed at the very last minute and so, I had the day free to shop in town. Thus, after hair and makeup, I diligently went to town at 4pm and hurtled to the Agnes B sale at Isetan Scotts and bagged some very lovely purchases. (Should I post my victory loots online?) I had been lemming after them for quite some time so it was really gratifying to be able to get them during the sale! I'm glad I made my way to town for these!

After waiting for The Boyfriend to reach town, we went on to Ding Tai Fung yet again for their truffle xiao long baos, normal xiao long baos and dan dan mian. Yes, I really love xiao long baos! We then went on to Xiao Ba Wang at Ion B4 for their lu rou fan and hei tang nai cha! The milk tea was really nice and the rice was okay. It did, however, make me lust for Taiwan all over again, especially after we ran into Cherie at Ion, who was our travelling partner (along with her boyfriend, Kelvin) for a part of our Taiwan trip last January.

Moving on, we continued to G2000 where The Boyfriend did not manage to get his shirt as his size was sold out in the design he was looking for. But, I did manage to get for myself a lovely dress that I'd been looking for since last year! The cut and design was totally what I'd been looking for! It was marked 50% off, which was major woots! Plus, the additional 15% off (minimum two pieces) from my Citibank credit card was just the icing on the cake! I'm so glad I went shopping in town. As I had said, I don't believe in window shopping but retail therapy was really exhilarating.

However, amidst all the highs of shopping, yesterday also marked the first argument of the year. I shall not elaborate much on the finer details but I do hope that someone will really pay attention to what I say and really make an effort in carrying out the things that are promised. Suffice to say, I got really upset and hurt, which explains the cryptic tweets. However, I do not wish to elaborate on our issues and I do hope that with the new year, things will go smoothly and everything will be rosy. That's all.

P/S: Pictures will be uploaded when I am not as busy.

What new projects are you starting for the year 2011?

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