Sunday, January 2, 2011


Absolute favourite!
I'm so glad that I've outgrown the age where I feel like I have to join bustling parties and go hang out at stuffy venues where everyone is squashed like sardines against other sweaty, smelly bodies and there's the constant irritation of people caressing my boobs and butt. Nowadays, I no longer see the appeal of clubbing and parties. I would rather chill someplace where the noise level is more suited to chatting and laughing instead of shouting into other people's ears.

That is why, this year I organised a barbeque at my cousin's place and the entire family's cousins gathered around to barbeque my self marinated shitake mushrooms, salmon with lemon herb dressing, chicken fillets, paprika chicken wings, sweet and sour pork loin slices, chocolate bananas, potatoes with sour cream and cheese, sweet corn, and of course, the mandatory marshmallows that The Boyfriend grills to perfection!

The very popular marinated shitake mushrooms
Sesame oil chicken thighs
Teriyaki chicken fillets
Lemon and herb salmon fillets
Sweet and sour pork loin slices
Taiwan sausages, hot dogs and cheese sausages
Even though The Boyfriend and I had to fork out quite some cash for the barbeque, I guess we still prefer this intimate gathering for our New Year's Eve. I love barbeques and he loves to barbeque stuff so it's a perfect match! I hope that next year, our 31 December will be special and romantic.

Speaking of New Year's Eve, every year at 31 December, I will take some time to contemplate how I wish to spend the oncoming year and what I wish to achieve in the new year. I am always excited to do this as it sort of signals this new hope that along with the new year, everything is off to a fresh start and I can start afresh on a clean slate.

So this year, here are my resolutions.
1. I choose to make myself happy.
2. I will live for myself and pampered myself.
3. I will enjoy life when it happens.
4. I choose to commit to a healthier lifestyle so as to make myself healthier and happier.
5. I will start planning and saving up for a future of my dreams.
6. I choose to dress well, eat well, live well and travel well.
I truly hope to be able to achieve these in the year 2011 and make it an amazing and fulfilling year.

How was your first day of the year? The Boyfriend and I spent the morning sleeping in till 11+ am and went to NEX at Serangoon Central for our new year's day lunch at 鼎泰丰. Supposedly, I was craving for dimsum and wanted to have our lunch at 瑞春 near Mustafa. However, after calling, we realised that it was too late to go for dimsum lunch since they close at 12pm today.

Delicious max 小笼包
We have a tradition of having a lovely lunch to start off the first meal of the year for good luck and to signify many feasts tor the year! Well, anything for good food, right?

A good meal is a fabulous start of the year
 We wanted to try 鼎泰丰's new truffle 小笼包 but found out that it was only available in Paragon's outlet (next time then!). So, we ordered one basket of 10 normal 小笼包s, 担担面, 排骨蛋饭 and 红油抄手. It was a very satisfying lunch to say the least!

Lovely pumpkin breads
After lunch, we went on to GNC to renew my membership card and the mega huge NTUC Extra at NEX to get the Camry digital kitchen scale at $14.90 (promotional price till 4 January). We also bought some sweet breads from Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery to try out for afternoon tea later.

We were feeling sleepy when home and napped for two indulgent hours before waking up for dinner. Dinner was canned 佛跳墙, stir fried vegetables and 卤大肠. The scallops were very tender and the 卤大肠 was really good, 超入味的啦! After dinner, it was on to jumpstart Project Clean Up My Life!

Project Clean Up My Life is my baby project. Even though I am a perfectionist, I do have a tad of a messy streak, and can I admit that I am lazy here on my personal blog, and that I do have a bit of a clutter problem. Thus, Project Clean Up My Life is started to motivate me to clear up my space, keep my living quarters tidy and to clear out stuff in my life to make space for newer and better stuff! Thus, we cleared up my room a bit, folded ALL my laundry (although I still need to do the ironing) and we even managed to assemble another IKEA's Billy Bookcase in my room while sneaking glances at the Epic Movie showing on Channel 5! Yay to new found storage space and less clutter!

So, that was how I spent my first day of 2011 and it was a meaningful and enjoyable day spent with my dearest. How was yours? I hope it was as lovely as mine! May each day be even lovelier than the ones passed.

How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? What are your 2011 Resolutions?

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