Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a lonesome Friday night.

Emo Abujiu
I am not sure when it all started, but The Boyfriend and I started to have this regular stay over thingy. I guess, it started when he got his job and in order to spend more time with each other, we decided (or rather, I strongly requested) that he should come over and stay over at my place every Friday night instead of having to wake super early to come over on Saturday morning.

Initially, he was pretty reluctant to do so. Now, I somehow feel that it has progressed to a stage whereby he pretty much likes it. I am not sure how much he likes it, but I love having him over on Fridays and being able to wake up together. Although he is always getting tired and sleepy much earlier than me, which means an earlier bed time for me, I still love having him over.

Having said all these, normally I would be in bed and The Boyfriend, who belongs to the type who can fall asleep in a snap, would drift off to sleep while I just lie there trying to fall asleep listening to his sleeping noises. I miss having him next to me in bed, making his sleeping noises and having someone next to me when I wake up from terrifying nightmares. I miss having someone accompany me to the washroom for mid-sleep pee sessions. I miss having him next to me when I open my eyes in the morning.

I mainly just miss having The Boyfriend stay overnight at my place. Since he started working, we have not really missed much Friday stayover sessions, thus here I am, suffering Friday Night Stayover Withdrawal symptoms. I miss you, Dear Dear. Must work hard okay? I will be looking forward to next Friday night.
Do you couples also have your own rituals and habits? Share them with me!

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